Tozaride Demonstrates Significant Tumor Reduction in Clinical Study

SOMERVILLE, Mass.—May 2, 2017— Andarix Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage
company, announced today the results of a phase1/2 clinical study in lung and
neuroendocrine cancer patients.

In an open label, single arm study, refractory lung cancer patients to standard of care
therapy were identified by image analysis using Rhenium Re 188 P2045, a radiolabeled
somatostatin analog. 25 Patients received the imaging dose of 10uCi of Re188 and
265ng of peptide by intravenous injection. Patients were selected based on high SSTR
expression levels to receive 30uCi of Re188 P2045 as a therapeutic dose 14 days after
imaging. Patients were followed for 8 weeks’ post treatment.

The patients who received R188 P2045 at the therapeutic dose had a 25% reduction in
tumor mass based on image analysis versus typical results of stable disease from
standard of care.

The clinical findings from this recent study demonstrate the of the Tozaride therapy to
reduce tumor burden in patients who are typically resistant to standard of care in lung
cancer. Andarix is expanding the clinical study in lung cancer patients to further support
the therapeutic application of the Tozaride drug.

About Tozaride
Tozaride is a novel, best-in- class therapy for lung, pancreatic and other cancers based
on a radio-labeled somatostatin peptide analogue. Early clinical studies of Tozaride
demonstrated that it is well tolerated and may produce prolonged stable disease and
improved overall survival in advanced lung cancer patients whose disease has
continued to progress after failing other therapies. Tozaride targeted radiotherapy
represents a new treatment paradigm which is expected to yield significant clinical
benefit for both small cell lung cancer (SCLC), and non-small cell (NSCLC) patients, and
which will provide another treatment option for patients who are not eligible for, or who
have not responded to current therapies.

About Andarix Pharmaceuticals
Andarix Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of personalized therapies for cancer,
developing both the imaging agents that can identify appropriate patients, as well as the
targeted therapies for these patients. The company’s products have progressed through
early clinical development. The Andarix technology is based on a proprietary
somatostatin peptide conjugate applicable to lung, pancreatic, neuroendocrine, and
other cancers Extensive research has demonstrated that somatostatin receptors are
highly up-regulated on several solid tumors, particularly lung cancers. Pancreatic cancer
is responsible for significant cancer mortality in the United States, with over 50,000 new
diagnoses of pancreatic cancer and over 50,000 deaths attributable to this disease
annually. To learn more about Andarix, please visit

Andarix Pharmaceuticals
617-273- 2446